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In 1982, the famous COTCO Group was founded, where Mr Regan Zhang started his humble beginning. In 2002, upon the day COTCO decided to close LED display division in order to focus on other business area, Mr Regan Zhang was already the General Manager for LED display division of COTCO. With enough business experience, he decided to open his own factory, Zhunguang Module Factory, and continued devoting on LED display business. Thanks to his great attention to quality, the factory passed audition of Panasonic Electronics in Japan, and became background supplier for Panasonic Electronics, although the products has always been exporting through business partners, two trading companies, Light Engine and Future Enterprise. As the factory grows better and better, in order to serve more customers, in 2008, Mr Regan Zhang registered a liability limited company in local authority, InterLED OptoElectronics Technology Limited. And in order to better export goods, he registered a trading company in Hong Kong, with the name of Panwin Limited.
Our Mission
As a background supplier for Panasonic Electronics, we focus on quality products while still doing the best to manage production costs, in order to keep offering great products with Panasonic Quality & Chinese price!
Especially, we are so specialized in segment display that, no matter how you would like to customize it, you will be pleased to see our sample. Number of digits could even be dozens!
We will keep devoting to LED display business. Now LED lighting field is very hot. We opened a new factory to develop lighting products. We believe sooner or later our lighting products could also serve our customers.
Where We Are
Our factory is near Hong Kong, three hours away. Welcome to visit our company!
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